Where Do I Go For My Working Retreat — Part 2

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As I talked about in the starter Working Retreat Vlog Series post, I get amazing amounts of work done during working retreats. I am able to concentrate, find flow, get into the meat of things and actually complete projects that I've had brewing for a long time. I usually also weave in some lovely personal/business reflection time, which makes the whole thing feel very rich and purposeful all around. I highly recommend the working retreat.

Here's my answer to the first question I am often asked by those intrigued by the idea about my working retreats: Where do I go on a working retreat? (get a pen and big piece of paper ready – you'll want to do some brainstorming when you're done watching.)

(Originially posted on michellebarryfranco.com (with a few minor modifications here) in Jan. 2011 – but just as useful here today!)