Ep 129: Your Words Are Currency with Amber Williams

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The key to successful branding lies in finding the right words to express what your purpose and promise is in your business.

In today’s episode, I’m sharing a conversation I had with Amber Williams, a master brand strategist that helped me get clear on the message behind a new business I’ve got brewing right now. I know you will walk away from this episode with many beautiful gems.

Amber credits her ability to help businesses hone in on their branding to changing her mind a lot in her career. Going from an intern at Armani, to a details-obsessed copywriter, to the master brand strategist that she is today, helped her to discover the common denominator of it all — words. Amber helps business owners find their unique voice to connect with their audience more deeply than ever before.

We discuss ways to discover the real purpose behind your business. Because when you know your purpose you can create content with clarity and are able to practice your brand voice for added success. Amber asks you critical questions about your beliefs in order to help you create a brand promise that can orient you in all aspects of your business. You are going to gain so much from listening in today, I know I have!

What You'll Learn From This Episode:

How listening is fundamental to understanding and connecting with your audience.
That choosing different paths is a learning experience allowing you to find the common denominator in all you do.
How finding your brand’s purpose makes content creation and connecting with your audience easier.
Why getting clear on the values you implement in your business can create more success.
How your brand promise contributes to why people want to work with you.

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