Your Hello Intro Self-Guided Workshop Update

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I'm at this amazing, soul-shaking conference this weekend called Wisdom 2.0, mesmerized by speakers and panelists who take soulful business to the edges of brilliance. I am both inspired and overwhelmed by the possibilities of this approach to life and business. Can't wait to share my many learnings with you.

But I can't just ignore the fact that Your Hello Intro Self-Guided Workshop did NOT in fact arrive yesterday, as planned. I wish it had – and it's going to be ready early next week so we are very close… but we missed the promised launch date. Argh. It's one of the problems, I suppose, with beginning development of my second product while still in the throes of producing the first. Next time I'll know that it simply takes longer than expected for every stage of product development and I'll plan accordingly.

I wanted to give you that update for those of you awaiting arrival of your copy (right now, only those who have ordered Vision Into Action as Your Hello Intro comes as a bonus with that program) – and those who are awaiting the option to purchase one. I will excitedly share news of Your Hello Intro availability as soon as I have it in my warm, anxiously-awaiting hands.

Sorry I've been scarce from the blog lately. I have many posts started and waiting… just got caught up in product development these last few weeks and didn't have the time to finish any the way I want them. Back to it soon. I've missed connecting with you here.

Lovely weekend to you!