The ocean is roaring outside the patio door as I write this post.

I can't see it because it's still too dark to see anything outside. My three daughters are breathing their little baby sleep breaths in the other bedroom.

We are on vacation.

A much needed vacation after a year of crazy upheaval – a move across the country, three subsequent moves to get into our final home plus a remodel, new schools, new friends and a lot of unexpected twists and turns. I can't remember ever needing a vacation like I needed this one.

And yet I “work” during pockets of this vacation.

I write blog posts, reply to emails, plan speaking gigs, schedule videographers. I reflect on business plans while I toss jellyfish back to safety in the sea.

It's not all I do. But I happily invite “work” into my vacation.

Why do I do this?

I do this because my “why” of my work is soul-inspired.

I do this work because I am absolutely certain that our world is a better place when each of us is authentically, powerfully expressed. And being a part of that “work” makes my heart sing (in the words of my lovely friend, Nancy Jane Smith.)

I consider it my responsibility to share my divinely given gifts in service of a mentally and emotionally peaceful world. Since I have been shown the way to getting unstuck, sharing my message with the world on stage, and taking my own beloved anxiety to tea all the while, I know for sure that others with a powerful, meaningful, life-changing message can do the same.

I know that you can do the same.

Now matter how nervous you are.

No matter how stuck you feel.

I want you to know that you can unstick yourself and get that message out, make the difference you so want to make.

As for me… In the center of my gut, I get it that this is the way I change the world – helping soul-inspired people get their message out, change real lives with their expertise.

Ultimately, it is this Why (plus an immense drive to create) that keeps every soul-inspired business owner that I know doing unexpected things like planning their next book while picking up seashells on the beach.

Now, the sun and the babes have risen and it is time to dig our toes into the sand.