Ep 103: How a Great Plan & Healthy Meals Support Vibrant Leadership

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In this conversation with Mia Moran, you’ll hear how a stack of paper coffee cups and a moment of insight lead to her writing a best-selling book and remodeling her entire business venture. So many great gems from the expert in planning and simple meals to support your most vibrant leadership.

Leadership is so much more than a “work” thing. When you’ve made the commitment to step into leadership with your message, it takes time, energy and clarity of mind and presence beyond the usual 9-5. If you don’t care for yourself—time, physical energy, support—you will easily burn out.

Mia Moran knows what it’s like on both sides of this scenario. Lucky for us, she’s devoted her own thought leadership and service to helping us take beautiful care of ourselves, our times and our families—while doing great work in the world.

About Mia Moran:

Mia Moran is a gluten-free mom of three, bestselling author, and speaker, who makes time for her wellness—and shows time-strapped women how they can too. She is creating a movement of women who bypass busy and embrace healthy through small, doable changes. 

Her wellness adventure became a full-blown ride about 11 years ago in the midst of a health crisis. Mia's experience led her to become a student of food, wellness and productivity — understanding the power food can have on health,  family connection, and getting things done.

Mia experienced three unforseen gifts from her journey. First, the loss of 65 pounds. Second, the practice of finding ease, despite balancing what looks like a full plate of work, home, motherhood and food. Third, the gift of a good plan.

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