Ep 113: Show the Truth with Jude Charles

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In the old days, this was “professional” — to keep business separate from our personal life. But, the people we serve want more from us now — they want to know who we really are. Jude Charles is an expert at sharing that story, through video.

As a documentarian for some of the most successful and passion-driven entrepreneurs in our world today, Jude reveals the deepest stories that create the biggest impact. We are lucky to learn some of the gems of his experience in today's episode.

About Jude Charles

Jude Charles is a story-driven filmmaker, brand strategist & speaker.

For almost 15 years, he has been producing documentaries & videos for purpose-driven entrepreneurs.

He lives and breathes YOUR brand. He digs deep to find the compelling stories that no one else knows & then leverages those stories to scale your business.

Featured on the Show:

  • Jude Charles' website—JudeCharles.co
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